The Royal Orphan by Lanelle Thomas

The Royal Orphan by Lanelle Thomas

Every spring in the kingdom of Olandia, representatives from the palace visit all the kingdom’s orphanages to round up those orphans who have turned eighteen without ever being adopted.

The royal family then employs them as servants, giving them clothing, food, and shelter—a practice that provides for the kingdom’s citizens and helps prevent homelessness.

This year, Ellena is one of the orphans who has aged out. She’s excited to be leaving Madame Greer’s dreary, unpleasant orphanage, and she knows the royal family has a reputation for taking good care of those they employ. Once she is at the palace, she experiences rapid changes in just a few short weeks. She and Prince Jonathon are immediately drawn to one another, and when danger comes to the palace in the form of assassins, their budding romance undergoes a test that will change Ellena’s life forever.

In this novel for young adults, an eighteen-year-old orphan comes to work for her kingdom’s royal family and soon finds romance, personal growth, and tragedy.

Amazon Reviews:

Absolutely loved it! Heartwarming & sweet love story that I just can’t get enough of. – Stephanie Evans

Very well written, you can’t help but connect with Ellena and fall for Johnathon as well. I could not stop reading, I just had to find out what was going to happen next…..Does Ellena get her happy ending or does it get taken away from her? Does the prince save day or maybe Ellena stands strong and wins them over? Would recommend for anyone that loves action, love, adventure and a good story about no matter what your roots are you can always rise above it and become more. – Jamie Knickerbocker

I read this book in one sitting! I honestly couldn’t put it down. Beautifully written, this wholesome young adult romance centers on an orphan who has aged out of the system and becomes a maid to a royal family. Her infectious personality and spirit blossoms as she makes her way up the chain of command in the palace, falling in love along the way. She never lets her rise to royalty alter her humility or innocence. If you are looking for a clean romance with a unique premise, this book is for you! – Alexys W.

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