Pursuit by Gene Hackman

Pursuit by Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman brings his richly diverse literary voice to a gripping new thriller that pits a devoted police sergeant against a predator who may cost her everything that matters.

“I’ll say this for the last time. Take your hand off the shotgun.” In a tense standoff with a shopping mall shooter, Sergeant Juliette Worth has the suspect about to surrender—then in a few explosive seconds, she takes him down.

Usually a by-the-book cop, Julie has too much at stake, raising her daughter on her own, to break protocol—until the mall killer pushes her over the line. Instead of kudos for saving his hostage, the Missouri State Criminal Investigation Unit hands Julie cold case duty. Among the forgotten files, she uncovers a disturbing connection between disappearances from years ago—all pretty girls, all presumed runaways. Now Julie’s instincts have her hunting a predator still very much in the picture. Someone who pulls Julie into a harrowing chase—by abducting her own daughter. . . .

Amazon Reviews:

The characters are interesting and realistic. The book has a great pace to it. I would like to read more with these characters. – Todd M. Shipley

Several times I had to lay down my e-reader because I was anticipating what would happen next. I loved the heroine. And I can imagine a sequel. WOW. Thank you, Mr. Hackman. Not only are you one of my most favorite actors, but you are now one of my favorite authors! – Melba Carter

Another great book by one of the best actors of his generation, this one departs from the western theme to take place in modern times following a female police officer tracking down a criminal predator in a solid work that is completely believable. He does a good job with the details of police work, develops a solid plot, and creates realistic characters. A great read. – Radio Writer

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